Donner DED-80 Review.  A Great Option for Kids!

Are you a music-loving parent looking to ignite your kid’s passion for drumming? The Donner DED-80 could be the perfect fit. With 180 cool sounds, 15 drum kits, and 30 demo songs, it’s like having a whole band in your living room! Plus, it’s built kid-tough and can connect to your computer for endless creative possibilities.

Who is the DED-80 Made for?

The Donner DED-80 electronic drum set is specifically designed for beginners, making it an excellent choice for children and young drumming enthusiasts who are just starting their musical journey. The target age group typically ranges from children as young as 6 years old to early teenagers. Its user-friendly features, authentic playing feel, and educational components cater to novice players, allowing them to develop essential drumming skills and techniques. While it’s beginner-friendly, its versatility also makes it suitable for older beginners or individuals with basic drumming skills looking for an affordable practice kit.

The primary purpose of the Donner DED-80 electronic drum set is to serve as an educational and recreational tool, especially for beginners. It is designed to introduce aspiring drummers, primarily children and young beginners, to the world of drumming in a fun and interactive way.

The drum set aims to:

  • Facilitate Learning: The set provides a platform for beginners to learn basic drumming skills, techniques, and rhythms, fostering musical education and creativity.
  • Enhance Playing Experience: With its authentic playing feel, a variety of built-in sounds, and diverse drum kits, it offers an immersive experience that encourages practice and skill development.
  • Promote Creativity: The drum set’s features, such as different sounds and demo songs, inspire creativity, allowing users to experiment with various music styles and arrangements.
  • Enable Silent Practice: Its compatibility with headphones and the ability to connect to DAW software make it suitable for quiet and private practice sessions without disturbing others.

In essence, the Donner DED-80 serves as a versatile tool that combines education, entertainment, and creativity, making it an ideal choice for beginners exploring the world of drumming.

What Comes in the Box?

With the Donner DED-80 electronic drum set, you get:

  • 7” Drum Pads (x4)
  • 10” Cymbal Pads (x3)
  • Kick Pedal (x1)
  • Hi-Hat Pedal (x1)
  • Audio Cable (x1)
  • Drum Throne (x1)
  • Headphones (x1)
  • Drumsticks (x1 pair)

Additionally, the package may include instructional materials, such as user manuals or access to online tutorials, to help beginners get started with the drum set.

Donner DED-80 Pros:

  • Authentic Playability: The drum set features double-layer mesh heads, providing an authentic drumming experience by closely mimicking the feel of acoustic drums. This feature enhances the player’s responsiveness and control.
  • Diverse Sound Options: With 180 built-in sounds and 15 drum kits, the DED-80 offers a wide variety of sounds, catering to different music genres. It allows beginners to explore and experiment with various tones and styles.
  • Educational Features: The set includes 30 demo songs covering multiple music styles, making it an excellent tool for beginners to learn and practice drumming techniques. Additionally, the 40 free teaching courses facilitate structured learning and skill development.
  • Quiet and Private Practice: The ability to connect headphones allows for silent practice. This feature is particularly useful for beginners who want to practice without disturbing others in shared living spaces.
  • Sturdy and Durable Design: The components are designed to be rugged and durable, ensuring a longer service life. This durability is especially important for a beginner set, as it needs to withstand regular use and practice sessions.
  • USB MIDI Interface: The drum set can be linked to DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software through the USB MIDI interface. This feature is valuable for music creators, allowing them to use the drum set as a creative tool for music production.
  • Portable and Adjustable: The drum set is portable and foldable, making it suitable for both home practice and outdoor performances. The adjustable components, such as the drum throne and the hi-hat pedal, cater to different player heights and preferences.

These features collectively make the Donner DED-80 a standout choice for beginners, offering an immersive, educational, and versatile drumming experience.

Donner DED-80 Cons:

  • Limited Advanced Features: The DED-80 is designed primarily for beginners, which means it lacks some of the advanced features found in higher-end electronic drum sets. Experienced players might find it limiting as they progress in their skills.
  • Pedal Sensitivity: Some users have reported that the pedal sensitivity, especially on the hi-hat, can be a bit binary, making it challenging to achieve nuanced and subtle footwork. This might affect the playing experience for more advanced drummers.
  • Durability of Pedals: While the drum pads and cymbals are durable, the pedals (kick and hi-hat) might wear out faster with extensive use. For heavy-footed players or those practicing vigorously, this could be a concern in the long term.
  • Sound Quality: While the DED-80 provides various sound options, the sound quality might not match that of high-end electronic drum sets. Some users have noted that the sound lacks a bit of depth and realism, which could be a drawback for more discerning musicians.
  • Assembly and Adjustments: Assembling the drum set and making adjustments, while necessary for a customized playing experience, might be a bit complex for beginners. It requires careful following of instructions, and adjustments might take some time to get just right.
  • Limited Expansion Options: The DED-80 might have limited options for expansion. While it’s suitable for beginners, players looking to expand and customize their setup significantly might find it lacking in options for additional drums and cymbals.

It’s important to note that these drawbacks are relative and might not significantly impact the experience for a beginner drummer. However, individuals with specific preferences or advanced skills might want to explore higher-end models with more advanced features and customization options.

What are users saying?

Users of the Donner DED-80 electronic drum set generally report positive experiences, especially considering its affordable price point. The compact size makes it ideal for beginners, particularly children, and those with limited space. Many users appreciate the easy setup process and find the mesh heads surprisingly authentic and comfortable, offering a more genuine drumming feel compared to rubber pads.

The variety of built-in sounds and training functions are praised, enabling beginners to explore different music styles and improve their skills effectively. Being able to practice quietly with headphones is a significant advantage, especially for late-night or apartment settings. The USB MIDI interface allows users to connect the kit to music production software, enhancing its versatility for aspiring musicians.

However, some users note limitations in pedal sensitivity, particularly with the hi-hat, which can affect more nuanced footwork. The durability of the pedals, especially under heavy use, is also a concern for some users. Additionally, while the sound variety is appreciated, the overall sound quality might not meet the expectations of experienced drummers used to higher-end models.

Despite these drawbacks, the DED-80 remains popular among beginners and parents purchasing for their children due to its accessible price, ease of use, and essential features for skill development.

The Verdict: Is it worth buying?

he Donner DED-80 electronic drum set is an excellent choice for parents looking to introduce their children to drumming without breaking the bank. It’s specifically designed for beginners, making it suitable for kids and teenagers starting their drumming journey. Its compact size and quiet operation, thanks to the ability to practice with headphones, make it perfect for home use, especially in apartments where noise levels are a concern. Parents on a budget and those with limited space should consider this drum set.

However, individuals with more experience or those looking for a drum set with advanced features, superior sound quality, and more nuanced pedal sensitivity might find the DED-80 limiting. Serious adult learners, intermediate to advanced players, or those aiming for a professional setup should explore other options in higher price ranges, preferably from renowned brands like Roland or Yamaha. These options offer more extensive customization, better sound quality, and a more authentic drumming experience, catering to musicians with higher skill levels and specific performance or recording needs.