Donner DED-200

Donner DED-200 Review

Ever stumbled upon the Donner DED-200 electronic drum set and wondered if it’s worth the hype? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve taken this budget-friendly beat machine for a spin, and we’re here to spill the beans. Whether you’re a newbie looking for your first kit or a seasoned drummer on a budget, this review’s got you covered. So, grab a seat (or a drum throne) and let’s dive into the world of the DED-200. 

ThE Donner DED-200 Drum Kit is perfect for:

  • Newbies: Just starting to get the rhythm? The DED-200 is a fantastic starter kit without burning a hole in your pocket.
  • Budget Rockstars: Want a solid drum set but don’t want to spend a fortune? This kit’s got your back.
  • Apartment Dwellers: Limited space or grumpy neighbors? No worries! It’s compact and you can jam out with headphones on.
  • Techy Drummers: If you’re into mixing your beats with some digital magic, the DED-200’s MIDI features are a sweet bonus.
  • Casual Jammers: Not looking for anything super professional but still want quality? This is your jam.

In short, if you’re looking for a cool, affordable, and versatile drum set, the DED-200 might just be your new best friend. Happy drumming! 

The Donner DED-200 electronic drum set typically includes:

  • 8-inch Dual-Zone Mesh Snare:
    • Dual-Zone: Allows for two different sounds, typically the head and the rim.
    • Mesh Head: Offers a more realistic feel compared to rubber pads and is also quieter.
  • Three 8-inch Mesh Toms:
    • Mesh Heads: Provide a natural rebound and playing experience similar to acoustic toms.
  • 6-inch Kick Drum:
    • Size: Being 6 inches, it’s compact but effective for bass drum sounds.
    • Compatibility: Can be used with a double pedal for more advanced drumming techniques.
  • 10-inch Hi-Hat:
    • Dynamic Response: Can produce varying sounds based on how hard it’s struck.
    • Pedal Control: Comes with a pedal to control open, closed, half-open hi-hat sounds.
  • Two 10-inch Crashes:
    • Choke Feature: Allows drummers to stop the sound by grabbing the cymbal, mimicking the behavior of an acoustic cymbal.
    • Dynamic Range: Can produce soft to loud crash sounds based on the force of the strike.
  • 10-inch Ride with Choke Feature:
    • Multiple Sounds: Can produce different sounds based on where it’s struck (e.g., bell, bow, edge).
    • Choke Feature: Like the crashes, the sound can be stopped by grabbing the cymbal.
  • Drum Module:
    • Variety of Kits: Comes with 31 preset drum kits.
    • Sounds: Offers 450 different drum and percussion sounds.
    • Play-Along Songs: Features 50 songs to practice and jam with.
    • Metronome: Helps drummers keep time.
    • Sequencer: Allows for recording and playback of drum patterns.
    • Customization: Drummers can adjust settings like bass, treble, volume, and ambiance. They can also create custom drum kits.
  • Accessories:
    • Kick Pedal: For the kick drum.
    • Drum Throne: A seat for the drummer.
    • Drumsticks: To play the drums.
    • Headphones: For quiet practice sessions.

Setup and Assembly

If you order the DED-200 online and have it shipped, like most purchasers, it is going to come in a big box.  You are going to have to unbox it and put it together.  Luckily, the Donner DED-200 electronic drum kit setup is straightforward and pretty easy.  The average time to put it all together is between 30-90 minutes.  If you’ve done it a couple of times it will be a lot faster than your first time.  This video shows what it is like to unbox it and set it up.

Pros of the DED-200

  • Affordability: The DED-200 offers a good balance between price and features, making it a suitable choice for those on a budget.
  • Mesh Heads: The mesh drums feel great and respond well, providing a more realistic playing experience.
  • Sturdy Build: The kit is well-built and sturdy, ensuring durability.
  • Kick Tower Quality: The kick tower, especially in the Pro version, is highlighted as one of the best parts of the kit.
  • Sound Quality: Some of the kits in the module are very good, and the sound is consistent with other entry-level electronic kits.
  • Good Tracking: The kit tracks well, allowing for techniques like buzz rolls.
  • Assembly: The kit comes with clear assembly instructions, and it’s adjustable to fit different setups.
  • Quietness: While not completely silent, the kit is relatively quiet, making it suitable for apartment living or late-night practice sessions.
  • Extras: The kit comes with usable 5A size drumsticks.


  • Basic Drum Module: The drum module, while functional, can be a bit awkward to use, especially when switching between kits.
  • Fast Rolls: Playing fast rolls on the drum can feel a bit clunky.
  • Hi-Hat Response: The hi-hat open response could be better and is similar to other kits in this price range.
  • MIDI Connectivity: There have been issues reported with connecting the kit to a PC, as the module might not send MIDI out properly.
  • Bass Drum Transition: In the Pro version, the bass drum transitioned from mesh to rubber, which might not be preferred by all users.

Overall Playing Impression

The Donner DED-200 is seen as offering good value for its price, especially for beginners. If you’re a beginner or someone looking for an affordable electronic drum kit for practice or casual playing, the DED-200 could be a good choice. However, if you’re a more advanced player or looking for a kit with more advanced features, you might want to consider other options.