If you are looking for the best electronic drum set, our reviews have you covered for all skill levels.  From cheap to high-end, from beginner to professional.  From the top brands like Roland, Yamaha, and Alesis, to less well known, but worth considering electric drum manufacturers like Simmons and yes, even Pearl has thrown their hat in the world of electronic drums now.

Best Electronic Drum SetSo where do you start?  If you just simply want to know the best, without price restraints it is hands down the Roland TD-50KV V-Drums.  You can even step it up from there and go with the RD50KVX.  It is an amazing drum set, but boy is it expensive.  For most of us, we need something in between.  To find the right fit we need to answer a couple of questions before we get into the good stuff.

  1. What is your goal with this drum set?  Do you just want a cheap drum kit for practice at home without disturbing your family and neighbors?  Or, are you going to be using it to record for a wide variety of drum sounds?  If you will be taking it out to play gigs you will need something with a bit higher quality.
  2. What is your Budget?  Do you have unlimited funds (I am so jealous if that is the case), or are you like most of us that needs to balance the quality of our drum set with what we can afford?  This article if geared more for those of us on a budget that don’t necessarily want something “cheap”, but we do want to get the best electronic drum set for the money.
  3. Do you need the ability to expand?  If you are getting started with what you can afford now, but do want to upgrade over time it is important to really consider the electronic drum module.  This is the brain of your set and what is responsible for registering all of the trigger strikes, and produces the sound everyone hears.  If you go too entry level you could handicap yourself in the future.

The Best for Beginners

There is so much more we need to discuss when it comes to choosing the best electronic drum sets, but I know how short attention spans are these days (myself included) so let’s jump in with some rankings.

Cheap Electronic Drum Kit

Looking for the best drum set for the money.

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